"The words and the music matter first"

Matthew Alexander is a Charlotte N.C. based singer-songwriter. He was part of the dynamic folk scene in Cambridge, MA and New York City in the late sixties and early seventies. During this time he opened for Billy Joel, Tim Weissberg and Bruce Springsteen. Songs from his 8 CDs have aired on radio stations throughout the world. His rendition of the Gordon Lightfoot classic "Steel Rail Blues" peaked at #3 on the Folk Charts in November, 2020. He performs throughout the Southeast. His music can be heard on Spotify, Apple and on Pandora at Matthew Alexander Radio.

Critical Praise for Midnight Dream Station

"Vocally, Alexander has a gruff current, more wool than cotton. But what he possesses is that same genuine essential tonality found in the voices of John Prime, Kris Kristofferson, Jon Dee Graham, Buddy Miller and John Martin… it is sincere, formulated with a generous amount of experience and significance." 


John Apice, Associate Editor, Americana Highways, may 17th, 2023

"Each tune has their evocative tints, warm hearted tenacity and simple pleasing textures...easily appealing...the words and the music matter first."

 Midnight Dream Station

“A reflection on life's mysteries…likely to lift one's spirits…colorful and soulful”

Hannah Means Shannon, 6/27/23 Wildfire News + News


Who Is An Apolitical Man?

We live in partisan times -- red/blue; democrat/republican; conservative/progressive. But what of the "apolitical man", that denizen of late night radio who just wants to tune out the fray? To live beyond labels and the media's mind manipulation? A man who has had his fill of pointless and exhausting debates that resolve nothing? Who can understand this man? Perhaps, only SIRI!


"Really unique footage of Alexander playing in unusual places, lively keys and guitar...the song echoes shades of the Bangles in its degree of playfulness over a serious critique"

Melissa Clark, Americana Highways

“An Apolitical Man” debuted at #15 on the Music Meeting Directory Singles Chart for October 4, 2022


SOUL RIVER is Matthew Alexander's 7th CD. It is expansive in its breadth and impressive with its depth of emotion . As with his previous CDs, it showcases his warm vocals, sharp songwriting and considerable acoustic guitar skills.

"Matthew Alexander is an Exceptional Talent...He is a Must See. A Wonderful and Likable performer."

3 Minute Movie CD

"Wishing I Had Wings showcases Alexander's nimble finger picking. It covers a lot of ground drifting in and out of and mixing John Denver-style folk with more fully arranged pop and country amid clean, pristine production" Charlotte Observer


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