COMING MAY 2023 -- Midnight Dream Station


In preparation for the launch of Midnight Dream Station in May, 2023, select singles and videos from the record will be made public prior to its full release. "An Apolitical Man", the first single and video, premiered on Americana Highways on Tuesday, October 4th, 2022. The second single, "A Mourning Song", debuted at #14 on the Music Meeting Directory Singles Chart for 1/10/23.

Who Is An Apolitical Man?

We live in partisan times -- red/blue; democrat/republican; conservative/progressive. But what of the "apolitical man", that denizen of late night radio who just wants to tune out the fray? To live beyond labels and the media's mind manipulation? A man who has had his fill of pointless and exhausting debates that resolve nothing? Who can understand this man? Perhaps, only SIRI!


"Really unique footage of Alexander playing in unusual places, lively keys and guitar...the song echoes shades of the Bangles in its degree of playfulness over a serious critique"

Melissa Clark, Americana Highways

“An Apolitical Man” debuted at #15 on the Music Meeting Directory Singles Chart for October 4, 2022


Matthew Alexander was a featured guest at the Resiliency 2022 Conference that was live streamed on 9/9/22 to over 10,000 attendees in 49 countries worldwide. The conference featured such luminaries as Jewel, Harville Hendrix and Andrew Weill. Matthew was delighted to premier his latest song, "The Upside of Down".  This song will appear on his new record Midnight Dream Station along with a music video to be broadcast on You Tube.


(Video and audio to be released in May, 2023 in conjunction with Midnight Dream Station release)

Word and Music by Matthew Alexander @2022

Feelings can whirl like a hurricane

But after the wind and after the rain

The clouds will clear and the sun will crown

There's an downside of up and an upside of down

The downside of up is you want it to last

Whatever you build can fall down fast

Better take care, better be tough

Buyer beware, the downside of up

The wisdom you share, the wounds you reveal

The anger you show, the joy that you feel

The king and the queen, the fool and the clown

There's a downside of up

And an upside of down

The upside of down is the grit that you get

From sailing through a sea of regret

Learn how to swim, learn not to drown

Learn to sail with the tides, the upside of down

The downside of up, the upside of down

Ferris wheel spinning around

Grow your dreams, root them in the ground

There's a downside to up and an upside of down

An upside of down, upside of down

Upside of down




SOUL RIVER is Matthew Alexander's 7th CD. It is expansive in its breadth and impressive with its depth of emotion . As with his previous CDs, it showcases his warm vocals, sharp songwriting and considerable acoustic guitar skills.

"Matthew Alexander is an Exceptional Talent...He is a Must See. A Wonderful and Likable performer."

3 Minute Movie CD

"Wishing I Had Wings showcases Alexander's nimble finger picking. It covers a lot of ground drifting in and out of and mixing John Denver-style folk with more fully arranged pop and country amid clean, pristine production" Charlotte Observer


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