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"STEEL RAIL BLUES" #3 on Folk Alliance International Radio Charts, October, 2020                                                        

 SOUL RIVER CD, #11 on Folk Alliance International Radio Charts, November 2020

RAVE REVIEW 10/20/20

"SOUL RIVER is a journey of vivid imagery and childlike wonder...the music is as deep as the ocean...beautifully reserved and so innate that Alexander's unique style feels right at home...wonderfully produced...Matthew Alexander has forged an album in which each song is perfectly ornamented with the right instrumentation, taste and style in an overarching Folk feel...highly skilled finger picking and vocals that ring with authenticity. The talent featured on this record is impressive to say the least. The CD leaves you with a powerful experience that is never over the top." Kyle Culkin, Americana Highways


SOUL RIVER  -- "19 songs, 20 years in the making, now it's yours for the taking"

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THANKS!!  SOUL RIVER is now receiving airplay throughout the US as well as in Germany, New Zealand, Canada and Israel!!


SOUL RIVER is Matthew Alexander's 7th CD. It is expansive in its breadth and impressive with its depth of emotion . As with his previous CDs, it showcases his warm vocals, sharp songwriting and considerable acoustic guitar skills.

Matthew Alexander's music has been compared favorably to the following artists: Jim Croce, Paul Simon, J.J. Cale, Bruce Cockburn, James Taylor, Mark Knopfler and Chris Issac

"Poignant and prolific" debbie jet, rock hill herald

Photography by Carlo Pieroni:

"I am going to be blatantly commercial and plug the new album by Matthew Alexander. I don't know Alexander personally. I've never even met this guy, but his CD 'American Boy' offers the breath of fresh air we often search for in our record collections but rarely find"

Mark Price, Charlotte Observer


"Matthew Alexander is an Exceptional Talent...He is a Must See. A Wonderful and Likable performer."

3 Minute Movie CD

"Wishing I Had Wings showcases Alexander's nimble finger picking. It covers a lot of ground drifting in and out of and mixing John Denver-style folk with more fully arranged pop and country amid clean, pristine production" Charlotte Observer


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